The hypocrisy of cannabis regulation

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According to the latest survey carried out by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, 11% of citizens (more than four million people) have used cannabis in the last year. Although its consumption in your private home is not illegal in this country, it is illegal to sell or grow it.

Medical cannabis use

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Cannabis is a substance that is mostly used to treat quite specific patients. Although these can be seen within a wide range of diseases, the symptoms are usually very similar: chronic pain, weakness. The quality of life in many cases is nil, when it could be much better. The studies that can be found on the use of cannabinoids always offer results of an improvement in the quality of life. Although the condition of their disease cannot be treated, the quality of life of people can be improved.

However, the lack of clinical studies is mainly due to the fact that ‘improving the quality of life’ is somewhat subjective. It cannot be studied whether a patient’s family situation has improved as a result of the use of cannabis. However, it can be said that there are many patients who switched to cannabis because the medications they took were not enough.

The key to medicinal cannabis: the perspective

It is important to explain to patients that cannabis can be a supplement that is not only safe, but effective. Perhaps for a person who has an insomnia problem at a certain point in life, cannabis is not the best solution to a medicine. However, it must be seen in perspective.

In general, patients who use medicinal cannabis are over-medicated. They are tired, have chronic pain, and their body has become used to these medications. Cannabis, in this situation, provides an analgesic effect. It helps calm anxiety and provides an increase in appetite that has often been lost. With this you can find two positive points. On the one hand, the most obvious: to calm your pain and anxiety and, on the other hand, to stop depending on an ineffective and harmful medicine. Cannabis can replace the burden of opioids for pain, of benzodiazepines for anxiety. In addition to a therapeutic alternative, it can reduce medication. ”

Is there a difference between a drug and a drug?

Many are against cannabis for considering it a drug. However, are there differences between a drug and a drug? What are these “The borders between drug and drug are often not clear. The same substance can be used as a drug or as a drug. A valium or a lexatin, if you take it with a prescription, you are taking medication, but if you take it without a prescription, because you ask someone who has them, you are taking drugs. the THC.

It can be used as a drug or as a drug. In USA, cannabis is considered a drug and Sativex, which contains THC, is considered a medication. Morphine and opioids can be used on the street or over the counter and would be drugs, while the same substance, if you use it with a prescription, would be a drug. There are drugs that have more harmful side effects than some drugs. The limit really, even epistemologically, is very loose. ”

Likewise, there is a fine line between what differentiates a therapeutic or recreational substance. According to the World Health Organization, ‘therapy’ refers to a process by which the integral health of a person is promoted, not only with himself but also with his environment. So, based on this explanation, if someone consumes cannabis to forget about the stress suffered at work, does he use it as medication or as a drug?

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