Cannabis as a tool against autism in children and adolescents

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More and more studies are being carried out about the health benefits of cannabis. Therefore, many are the countries that are approving its legalization. Now, a new study conducted with autism patients age 18 and younger has shown that cannabis oil can serve as a treatment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In addition, it has been shown that, in addition to serving, it is a safe and effective option to relieve symptoms. Both children and adolescents tolerate this treatment well.

Medicinal cannabis is capable of relieving symptoms such as seizures, tics, depression, restlessness, and fits of rage caused by autism.

The current situation of medical cannabis

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While it is true that more and more studies are testing the efficacy of medicinal cannabis, there are still countries that are reluctant. In recent years we have been able to see how many countries have legalized or are in the process of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Among them we find countries like the United Kingdom, Greece, Thailand and some states of the United States. Countries like Canada or Uruguay have gone much further and have legalized the marijuana industry in general.

Recently, Germany has started to grow its own medicinal cannabis while Israel has passed the law to be able to export its marijuana products. The regularization of the therapeutic use of cannabis in Spain is still a long way off. These organizations have recalled the scientific evidence on the benefits of this substance in patients from different fields. These benefits have been identified in a new Israeli study.

Study on the benefits of cannabis in patients with autism

This new research on the benefits of medical marijuana in autism patients has been published in the journal ‘Scientific Reports’. It has ensured that more than 80% of parents ensure that they feel a tremendous improvement in the situation and side effects of their children.

The researchers collected data and analyzed it as part of the treatment program. In this, 188 patients with ASD who were treated with cannabis between 2015 and 2017 participated. In the majority of the patients, the treatment consisted of the use of cannabis oil with 30% cannabidiol and 1.5% tetrahydrocannabinol. After six months of treatment, 30% of patients showed great improvement. Almost 54% of the patients felt a moderate improvement and only 15% felt little or no change.

In order to keep a good follow-up of the patients, issues such as quality of life, mood and ability to carry out different activities of daily living were evaluated before treatment. This same value was reassessed after the six months. The results were very clear: 31.3% of the patients claimed to have a good quality of life before starting treatment. After six months, this figure increased to 66.8% of patients. Similarly, mood increased to 63.5%. They also improved aspects such as dressing or showering independently in 43% of patients.

Finally, the cannabis oil-based medication helped improve sleep and concentration. After receiving the treatment, they went from 3.3% and 0% to 24.7% and 14% respectively.

Therefore, this study shows clear improvements in patients in many aspects of their lives.

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