The Best Root Stimulators for Marijuana

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The enraizantes are stimulators of the root system of plants. They are thrown at the beginning of the cultivation, as soon as the seeds germinate. These stimulators promote the highest advancement of the roots, so that they become the primary basis of plant nutrition. Through the roots they obtain the necessary nutrients for an optimal advance throughout the development and flowering phases.

At the time of commenting on rooting, we must name the two types of rooting. One of them starts from the seeds and the other from the cuttings. In relation to the rooting of seeds, this development focuses on the hatching of the first root of the plants. It is the one that provides the first food since obtaining nutrients. For the hatching of the seed an energy source is necessary, which will come from the reserve substance, Albumen, which is inside the marijuana seed. Once the seed is hatched, it is the right moment or time to transplant the seedling.

The rooting of cuttings, on the other hand, lies in obtaining roots from an aerial region of the plant. We extract that part and make it begin to take place from within the underground region. Likewise, we achieved an advance of the root that we have extracted.

The two types of rooting have the possibility of boosting through the use of rooting or root stimulators. This class of fertilizers benefits the optimal advancement of the roots, progressing the development of cultivation of marijuana plants and the final result.


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It is the most suggested rooting thanks to its creative formula, results and cheap price. It replaces the famous Clonex. It is a rooting for cuttings that was thought to be applied directly on the culture medium, unlike the rest of gels that are applied on the tip of the stem. Therefore, its application is effective, simple and comfortable. It stimulates the advancement of a healthy and exuberant root system, in a reduced time. It can be used on rock wool, jiffys, coconut fiber, compost, rooting sponges, etc.

Regarding the way of use, we must make a hole in the culture medium. Later we fill it with the Root it Gel, pressing it lightly. Now we enter the cutting and we are sure that the stem is well attached. And it could be ready.


We are talking about an inciting bio that increases the volume of the root system of adolescent plants, mother plants and cuttings. This rooting stands out primarily for its biological nature and for its cheap price. Due to the volume of the roots, it stimulates the absorption of nutrients and increases the volume of the stems and plants. In this way, it is with the ability to advance the production of plants up to 3 weeks and reduces the chances of stress.

The application mode is very simple. This product must always be used via irrigation. If we apply it on seeds, we must carry it out when the first leaves appear. We will add 1ml / L. We will repeat the procedure again after seven days. In plants, a dose of between 2 and 4 ml / L is applied every seven days until the first weeks of the flowering stage. In cuttings, the dose is 2ml / L, every seven days from when we transplant. And finally, in mother plants, the application is every 15 days with a dose of 2ml / L.


It is a plant rooting to encourage the development of novel roots in cuttings and transplants. It is used since the first roots are visible. Similarly, it makes the germination development of the seeds faster. Furthermore, it optimizes the resistance of marijuana plants to pathologies and stimulates their quality. These characteristics develop an enormous development of the plants, giving them health and strength. For me without a doubt perhaps the best rooting From the market.

Canna Rhizotonic is used throughout the first week of cultivation. We hold the bottle well before using it. Then we dissolve 400 ml of the product in 100 liters of water. And we apply the satisfaction of one to six occasions a day on the culture medium and the leaves, it is necessary to form a strong root system. If we transplant the plant, it is advisable to treat the medium beforehand with satisfaction.


This root stimulator stimulates the advancement of the root system to find a more accelerated development of the marijuana plants and a greater vigor of the same. The result is strong, healthy plants. It is made up of natural elements of the highest definition. It is used on organic substrates. Plants will develop absorbent hairs that will allow water to enter the interior.

When to Transplant Autoflowering Marijuana

This rooting is used at the beginning of the development stage. We pour 2ml / L until offering a strong root system. The same procedure must be carried out whenever we do a transplant. Once the plant is in the determining pot or reaches the flowering stage, we will increase the dose to 4ml / L. We are going to apply it over two weeks, precisely.


This root stimulator contributes to increasing the resistance of plants. It can be used on soil, coconut fiber and hydroponic cultivation. It is obtained from Laminara Digitata and ammonium phosphate. Shake before using. Then we will add it to the irrigation and we will apply it on the culture medium throughout both first weeks, day after day. We have cultivation follow-ups made with this rooting and it works as a cinema, that is to say, very, very well. After a root wash it is convenient to apply it because the substrate remains inert and without nutrients.


It is ideal for increasing the nutrient absorption area of marijuana plants. Stimulates the vegetative development of the sector region, providing a healthy and radiant appearance. The roots will increase in volume in a few days. It is made up of vitamins and amino acids.

It can be used on drip irrigation systems. In adult plants, 5ml are added for every liter of water. On the other hand, in mother plants or cuttings the dose must be reduced to 2.5 ml for each liter of water.

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