The Best Growth Fertilizer For Marijuana

three Fertilizer for marijuana plants

This time we are going to make a post about the best fertilizer or growth fertilizer for cannabis plants. On the one hand we are going to treat organic growth fertilizers, and on the other hand we are going to treat growth fertilizers of mineral or chemical origin. I will always speak to you from my experience because these fertilizers that I show you I have tried and tested for several months and some years with any of these brands of marijuana fertilizer.

The best organic growth fertilizer

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Personally or you for using this type of voice, why I meditate many problems, I do not have to measure this, I have to measure pH, I never over fertilize, among other benefits and benefits of using organic fertilizers or growth fertilizers.

AGROBETA Black Line grow

Premium brand of fertilizers I am starting to test now, with amazing results and one hundred percent organic. Growth and vigor are present from the beginning of the application of the Black Line grow. It has a very low dosage with which a bottle has lasted us 4 times longer than that of another manufacturer and a very high effectiveness, which is what interests us.

The use of this product generates an increase in the root system of plants and the cation exchange capacity of the clay-humic complex, as well as an increase in the availability of phosphorus and other trace elements through the training of stable complexes. This makes it possible for the macro elements present in its formulation to be absorbed by the plant in its entirety, resulting in convenient development and reduced salt content in the roots.

Organic Iguana Juice Grow

This organic fertilizer is also one of the best, it smells a lot of fish, which is already evident in the presence of a 100% organic fertilizer. Its effectiveness is very high and combined with another range of Advanced products it produces surprising crops and harvests.

For the preparation of the Iguana Grow, fresh fish from the North Pacific have been used as a base; with more than seventy different macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, earthworm humus, guano from seabirds and murkes, krill extracts, cassava and alfalfa (cold) extracts and different genera of pure volcanic ash. Bat Guano for Flowering. How to use Guano

The organic Iguana Juice Grow improves the development of central stems and lateral branches, helping to develop a strong and healthy root mass quickly, preparing the plant for the flowering phase, in addition to this it promotes that the internodal distances are very short, which helps to generate thicker, leafier and heavier buds.

Another excellent organic fertilizer that is also used without a doubt. It also has a low dosage hovering around 2 milliliters per liter, to see if you look at the dosing table based on 10 liters, you must divide it by 10 to calculate the amount you touch per liter.

This fertilizer is very dense and becomes perhaps a little unmanageable when the winter cold comes, otherwise prescriptive and worked with a couple of years and it has been luxurious.

When to start adding flowering fertilizer to Marijuana

BAC Organic Grow is a very, very complete development fertilizer that satisfies each and every one of the needs of your plants throughout the vegetative cycle, providing a lot of energy to your crop for a robust and strong development, giving a very healthy green color. Each and every one of the elements of its formulation are one hundred percent organic.

You can apply this liquid growth fertilizer to most soil and substrate mix models. It has one hundred percent organic Dutch sugar beet extract at its base – generally known as stillage.

This by-product of transforming sugar beets or sugar cane into sugar is created through a natural fermentation process. The starches in the sugar are then treated with enzymes to generate glucose which, as well as other plant nutrients, help to generate a rich food source for soil microbes, increasing their populations for a more productive soil.

The natural sugars and potassium in bio · Grow activates the bacterial vegetation in the substrate to guarantee you an extensive harvest of exquisitely sweet fruits.

How to use it?

Bio Grow is a complete fertilizer that can be used throughout the entire growing period. Start with it as soon as the first leaves appear when the plant is ten – fifteen cm high. Now, continue to use bio · Medrar until the end of plant production.

Alga-Grow Plagron

Alga Grow is a basic organic fertilizer that is used particularly for cultivation of the soil. Alga Grow is one of the best growth fertilizers and is used in the development stage of the plant. This algae fertilizer guarantees healthy and stable development and encourages good root development. Alga Grow gives a solid base so that the plant in a next stage can flower absolutely.

Application: Fertilizer for development based on algae.

  • Features: Protects against high concentrations of salt and fungi
  •  First feeding intake for strong development and flowering 
  • Stimulates the production of chlorophyll 
  • Natural development and flowering hormones for higher yields It can also be used as a leaf fertilizer

Composition: Contains amino acids and algae extracts. NPK organic fertilizer (six-ten-eight). six percent of total azoe (N), of which six percent of organic bound azoe, ten percent of water soluble in phosphorus pentoxide (P two O well five), eight percent of potassium oxide soluble in water ( K two O well).

How to use: Shake well before use. Up to four ml per Alga Grow incorporate 1 liter of water (1: 250). Use this nutritive solution whenever the water is in the development phase.

The best mineral or chemical growth fertilizers

These types of fertilizers have the peculiarity that they are fast acting, but we must constantly see the EC, often washing the salts from the substrate, we must be careful not to exceed the doses because if we are not at risk of overfertilization. Among the benefits they bring is higher productivity, that is, denser crops.

Sensi Grow A&B by Advanced

Since the ingredients are fully or partially chelated in pH Perfect Sensi Grow (certain even with different chelating agents), your plants will absorb them without care. What’s more, they will favor a wide range of amino acids that will strengthen the construction of cell walls in roots, stems and leaves.

Nitrogen deficiency in marijuana

You will also see the incredible results of humic acids and the powerful non-ionic surfactant. The two will form a feeding compound that will guarantee the absorption of the supplied nutrients in each and every phase. And in addition to this, you can say goodbye to wands and pH meters forever. Patented pH Perfect Technology will hold the pH in the perfect range every week of the development phase without measurements or adjustments.

Sensi Grow A&B and Sensi Bloom A&B are our two-part base nutrient formulas. They are very simple to use, you just have to mix the 2 parts and that’s it, you can continue with your life. Sensi Grow A&B and Sensi Bloom A&B include pH Perfect, so the pH will remain stable at the perfect level.

Canna Terra Vega

Terra Vega is a fertilizer developed by the Canna house for the development phase of Cannabis grown on land, both in containers and directly in the ground. It can be used in indoor or outdoor crops and with any kind of substrate, even if it is low-fertilized, heavily fertilized, or even one that has been used beforehand.

When Terra Vega is used the plants thrive very vigorously, produce multiple buds and their roots extend perfectly. In this way the plants develop properly and enjoy good health that helps them to successfully face the flowering phase and thus end up offering a huge final production. Its action is very fast and effective, it is great using it as a foliar fertilizer.

This is possible thanks to the components of Terra Vega, which are of enormous quality and exert their impact from the beginning of cultivation. It is achieved by the repercussion of the large amount of nitrogenous compounds next to that of iron chelates and trace elements, present in the fertilizer and directly absorbed by plants.

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