Everything you need to know about purple or red marijuana

how to grow purple cannabis

Depending on the type of crop marijuana has, it may have very different colors. And not only will the color change, but we can also notice very different effects on its consumption.

The marijuana dwelling is one of the most features, but can also find other weirdest variations, such as marijuana Blueberry.

In the following lines we are going to study the reason for purple cannabis and its effects.

What is the color of purple marijuana and its types?

There are many myths around how to get these purple buds, and many of them can be dangerous, as they could drastically affect the health of the plant, even causing it to perish.

Some people believe that restricting the O2, CO2 or other gases that the plant receives can cause it to acquire that characteristic purple color. Others think that increasing the nitrogen load could achieve this effect. Some even believe that purple marijuana is the result of using dye to stain it.

The truth is that there are several factors that give rise to this color:

Genetics: the plant will only be purple if it is capable of producing a high level of anthocyanin, which is a natural pigment contained in aubergines and blueberries, in addition to other fruits and vegetables. Varieties of the plant such as Purple Passion, Grandaddy Purple or Blue Cheese produce this pigment in high concentrations.Temperature: if the temperature of the plant is not controlled during flowering, other pigments may appear that make the purple color disappear, turning into red marijuana, even even conventional green marijuana if the chlorophyll level is high. It is recommended to maintain a temperature below 10  C during the chlorination process.

Important: Nutritional deficiencies could generate the purple color of marijuana, but the deterioration of the plant’s health will not benefit its growth in any way.

Effects of purple marijuana

Contrary to popular belief, purple marijuana is no more potent than other colors. Remember that the potency of a plant is measured by its content of more than 400 molecules in the plant (of compounds such as flavonoids, terpenes or cannabinoids).

What is certain is that its aesthetics are much more valued, that they even have a very characteristic taste and smell, although their effects are practically identical.

What special care has purple marijuana

In addition to making sure that you have chosen a marijuana plant that can produce high levels of anthocyanin, the only special care that you will give to it will occur during the flowering period, and will be related to temperature. We will make sure it is below 10 degrees Celsius to avoid the proliferation of other pigments (such as chlorophyll) that destroy its characteristic color.

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