How to store pressed? Learn to store your marijuana!

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If you smoke marijuana, you have certainly encountered a sad situation: mold. Knowing how to keep it pressed is essential to prevent this type of thing from happening and, contrary to what many people imagine, there is a certain way to store cannabis. 

There are also those who believe that only flowers and hashish need to be stored safely and in specific ways, but the press also goes into this and cannot be left out. Want to find out how to store it right? We teach you down here!

After all, how to store pressed?

Mold is one of the stoner’s worst enemies. According to a study by the American Cancer Society developed in 2016 with medical cannabis patients, the vast majority of participants did the incorrect storage and 65% of respondents had never even heard about the right way to do it. 

Fortunately, for those who want to know how to store pressed, there is just one right way. However, the quality of your organic matter can vary a lot depending on contact with air, light, moisture and heat. 

For this reason, regardless of the type of storage you choose, ensuring a cool, dry place without exposure to light is simply essential. 

That said, we can move on to the ideal containers to store your press. There are a few options:

  • glass, stainless steel or plastic pots: preferably opaque or with UV protection, to ensure that the light will not oxidize the cannabinoids present in the herb;
  • vacuum packaging: like the famous ziplocks. Yes! They are excellent for storing marijuana because they do not allow oxygen to come in contact, but remember to always keep it in a dark place. There are also glass, plastic and stainless steel pots with airtight lids, which guarantee extra protection for your cannabis.  

The Dangers of Smoking Moldy Marijuana 

Now you know how to store it in the right way, but what if your marijuana is already moldy, what to do?

Well, first you have to keep in mind that there is no point in removing just the moldy part of your press, because the rest of the material will already be infected by the spores of that kind of mold. So when cannabis molds, there are simply no more ways to save it, and if you want to stay safe, the ideal thing is to dispose of the material. 

There are several types of molds that can develop in your press and each one of them has specific characteristics. You may not even develop any type of problem by smoking something moldy, but you can also have allergies and even serious lung problems, such as fungi. developing within him a disease known as aspergillosis. 

So, did you like our tips on how to store the press? Keep following us to read more about the cannabis universe!

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