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Marijuana growing items, so you can learn how to manage in your own garden growing your favorite plant. We will teach you in our articles how to grow your weed.

How to store pressed? Learn to store your marijuana!

presed marijjuana rosin chips

If you smoke marijuana, you have certainly encountered a sad situation: mold. Knowing how to keep it pressed is essential to prevent this type of thing from happening and, contrary to what many people imagine, there is a certain way to store cannabis.  There are also those who believe that only flowers and hashish need to be stored safely and in specific ways, but the press also goes into this and cannot be left out. Want to find out how to store it right? We teach you down here! After all, how to store pressed? Mold is one of the...

Everything you need to know about purple or red marijuana

how to grow purple cannabis

Depending on the type of crop marijuana has, it may have very different colors. And not only will the color change, but we can also notice very different effects on its consumption. The marijuana dwelling is one of the most features, but can also find other weirdest variations, such as marijuana Blueberry. In the following lines we are going to study the reason for purple cannabis and its effects. What is the color of purple marijuana and its types? There are many myths around how to get these purple buds, and many of them can be dangerous, as they could...

The Best Root Stimulators for Marijuana

yield cannabis roots

The enraizantes are stimulators of the root system of plants. They are thrown at the beginning of the cultivation, as soon as the seeds germinate. These stimulators promote the highest advancement of the roots, so that they become the primary basis of plant nutrition. Through the roots they obtain the necessary nutrients for an optimal advance throughout the development and flowering phases. At the time of commenting on rooting, we must name the two types of rooting. One of them starts from the seeds and the other from the cuttings. In relation to the rooting of seeds, this development focuses...

How to make a homemade sieve for hashish and pollen

cannabis plant in macro

If you are going to use is known as a sieve, they are usually homemade, to separate the pollen particles from the marijuana leaf, the structure can be made of wood, plastic or metal. Although we know that a sieve is made with very fine holes of different microns through which the resin or pollen will pass. There is a square-shaped homemade sieve but the most normal thing is that they are round since they will give better to our work surface, which will normally be between the legs. A homemade sieve, what is it for? We emphasize a little...

The Best Growth Fertilizer For Marijuana

three Fertilizer for marijuana plants

This time we are going to make a post about the best fertilizer or growth fertilizer for cannabis plants. On the one hand we are going to treat organic growth fertilizers, and on the other hand we are going to treat growth fertilizers of mineral or chemical origin. I will always speak to you from my experience because these fertilizers that I show you I have tried and tested for several months and some years with any of these brands of marijuana fertilizer. The best organic growth fertilizer Personally or you for using this type of voice, why I meditate...