Top 2019: the best-selling cannabis seeds

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2019 was a year marked among other things by the popularization of Gorilla genetics in different seed banks. And this trend has been extended during 2019 by introducing many elite clones of the USA in the catalogs of renowned banks such as Dinafem, Sweet Seeds, Dutch Passion, Advanced.

It is normal to find names like Sherbert, Gelato, Do-Si-Dos, Zkittlez or Thin Mints among the novelties of this year. The introduction of these genetics has also changed the perception of what was considered high THC so far, with 18% being something that was already considered high. Well, these quantities have already become small compared to what some seeds offer with the new crosses from the USA: examples are The New from Humboldt Seeds, which can reach 28% THC, or Gelato 33 from Advanced Seeds, with a 25% THC.

Somewhat late in 2019 was the introduction of Bruce Banner, a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel that is also becoming popular with banks, which has not stopped it from gaining popularity in a short time. In the case of the version of Bruce Banner that Black Skull sells, THC can reach up to 29%.

Season seeds

AMS (Green House)

AMS is a fairly popular hybrid for growers who don’t want to make big investments in seeds. It does not stand out for anything in particular, but it does what it should do in its due time and without complications.

Amnesia (Advanced Seeds)

Power, vigor, resistance, easy cultivation and a trend-setting name, its citrus and incense aroma being very special. Amnesia has it all to end up being one more classic for growers who want to be safe and obtain quality harvests.

Money Maker (Strain Hunters)

This dominant Indica has good hybrid vigor and a low, compact structure, few leaves compared to buds and generous Kush productions. Old-school genetics still have their little corner in growers’ gardens.

00 Skunk (00 Seeds)

This variety arises after a laborious work with 1980 Old Skunk genetics. It stands out for its generous production of buds that end up covering its ramifications, abundant resin and a peculiar incense and citrus flavor.

00 Cheese (00 Seeds)

A classic whose origins go back to the traditional Skunk, this version of 00 Seeds presents all its famous and strong smell of old cheese. The plant is easy to grow and adapts to all media, with abundant harvests of compact resin-laden buds.

Autoflowering seeds

Purple Bud Auto (White Label)

Sooner or later it is normal to become infatuated with having a plant with purple, purple and different shades of dark blue on the leaves and buds. With this automatic crossover it is easy to get it in record time and without taking up too much space.

Auto Critical Orange Punch (Dutch Passion)

Development of the Dutch bank in which Kritical Bilbo, Grandaddy Purps and Orange Bud genetics have been used. It is a powerful and productive cross with compact and very resinous buds. Simple and off-road cultivation.

Auto Pineapple Glue (Advanced Seeds)

Crossing of Pineapple and Gorilla that stands out for its high potency and the huge tails of buds full of resin glands. Its pineapple and mango aroma with hints of Diesel is unmistakable when someone starts consuming it.

Auto Blueberry (00 Seeds)

Taming Blueberry has always been a challenge, since the original genetics are not stable and it can give champion plants as well as strange plants that grow with anomalies. This auto version has all the desirable characteristics of the original: high THC, wild berry flavor and great production of compact buds.

Auto Afghan Mass XXL (00 Seeds)

Selecting the largest and most productive specimens of Auto Afghan Mass, 00 Seeds has achieved a car with XXL size and production with all the flavor and power of Afghan genetics. Production has been improved by introducing a Parental Critical Mass.

CBD seeds

bear dance strain

Dinamed CBD Plus (Dinafem)

Improved version of the first cannabis strain with a high CBD content that was released with THC levels below 1%. This stable Sativa can reach up to 20% CBD and improves harvests compared to its predecessor. Its aroma is citric and sweet.

Amnesia CBD (Dinafem)

Balanced cross with a high CBD content that presents a THC: CBD ratio of 1: 1 (8% THC / 10% CBD). This type of ratio is ideal for those who want to make the most of the medicinal properties of the plant. It is not very psychoactive because CBD moderates THC. Amnesia CBD is yet another proof that CBD strains don’t have to be bland and boring, giving off aromas of lemon, sweet fruit, exotic wood and Haze.

CBD Lemon Potion Auto (Barney’s Farm)

Collaborative development between Barney’s Farm and CBD Crew that presents a THC: CBD ratio of 1: 2, reaching CBD levels of up to 15%. The plant grows leafy and compact, with abundant resin. The buds are large and dense, giving off spicy aromas.

Chocolate Skunk CBD (00 Seeds)

Selection of Skunk Chocolate with balanced content of THC and CBD. It branches well and produces abundant buds. This crossing preserves the intense flavor of its parent and produces a relaxing and long-lasting effect. And it is also ready in about 50 – 55 days.

White Widow CBD (00 Seeds)

Medicinal version of the classic cross, with hardly any psychoactivity. The THC: CBD ratio is 1: 2, presenting THC levels around 5.5% and CBD levels above 12%. The plant grows compact and is easily cultivated, producing numerous compact and resinous buds.

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