Indoor or outdoor cannabis seeds?

indoor vs outdoor growing

Planting indoors or outdoors is sometimes not an option but a necessity according to the space and means of each one. Both possibilities have their own characteristics, so we will find the most suitable genetics for each one. We tell you what to take into account to choose the best seeds for each case.

When starting a new cannabis crop, the first and most important decision to make is which seeds to choose. Choosing the right variety will make the experience of trying the product much more enjoyable, either because it will achieve the highest possible production or because it will have exactly the desired effect. There are many factors to take into account when choosing an alternative, but one of them is the growing conditions. The same genetics can give a large number of buds when planting outdoors, but it will achieve poorer development indoors, or it will be lush in a grow room, but stunted in the garden. Each space is different, with different techniques and characteristics, which will make it more appropriate to be outdoors, and others under indoor lamps.


indoor weed growing

Outdoor cultivation will largely depend on the local climate. Living in northern Europe, with long winters and short summers, is not the same as living in the Mediterranean, with its warm climate and ideal growing conditions. If it is a cold zone, it will be best to choose short-flowering genetics, which can be harvested in the second half of September. Although most of the seeds that are currently marketed are hybrids, in general the indica-dominant ones reach less height and take less time to flower, and the sativa-dominant ones are higher, with the buds more spaced, and one flowering longer. For this reason, a variety with indica predominance as the Sweet Deep Grapefruit of Dinafem, or a classic like White Widow, from generous production, are excellent options to get a good harvest before the cold weather arrives.

If it is really cold weather and there are only 2 or 3 months of good weather, it is advisable to use autoflowering varieties, which have a short cycle and do not depend on daylight hours. Although many growers maintain that their capacity and production and quality are inferior, at present excellent results can be achieved with autoflowering. The cycle in general here will always be short, but depending on the limitations, some genetics may be necessary to complete their life cycle in about 70 or 75 days.

Now, those who live in hot climates are for good. The cultivation conditions are ideal and there is a whole world of varieties to choose from, and it will be up to each grower to choose a shorter flowering period or varieties that take longer to bear fruit. An example of a plant that combines its indica and sativa genetics very well to achieve a tight but robust form (with its consequent great production) is the Kinkana from The Plant Organic Seeds. Moby Dick genetics are also famous for their great productive capacity.


Growing indoors is the alternative for many people who do not have space to do it outdoors, or who want to be able to grow all year round regardless of weather conditions. As it is an artificial space with electric lights and a limited capacity, here the two basic variables with the size of the plants and the maturation time of the buds, so short cycle varieties are recommended, to achieve greater profitability, taking into account the energy expenditure it represents. The key is in genetics that allow not too big but forceful plants, and a short flowering, generally with a high proportion of indica. A good example of this is the renowned Bubba Kush, which thanks to its 90% indica genetics is compact and has a flowering time of about 60 to 65 days.

It is also an indoor alternative to use autoflowering seeds, although some growers argue that they entail a higher expense of electricity, since they require between 16 and 20 hours of light constantly. There are many possibilities for autoflowering options, and since the growing conditions can be controlled, it will be more comfortable for each grower to choose a variety. Auto versions of many of the most widely recognized genetics exist in almost every seed bank.

In short, there are many factors to take into account, and one of them (and not the least) is personal taste, but following these general lines, the choice between the vast ocean of cannabis seeds will be a little easier, and the desired result: the best cannabis production possible for each person’s conditions.

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