Chronic, the strain that has become synonymous with good marijuana

Chronic weed strain

Chronic: it’s even Dr. Dre’s song name and many people don’t even know it’s a variety, because that’s what good marijuana is called around the world. So much so that the strain Chronic has become synonymous with high quality Cannabis. And it’s no wonder if you look at your maternity. It is a well-balanced hybrid that comes from crossing three other potent varieties: Northern Lights, Skunk # 1 and AK-47.

With small and medium buds of dense structure typical of an Cannabis Indica, its few leaves have an olive green tone, contrasted by vibrant red pistils and a layer of translucent amber trichomes that covers the inner and outer surfaces of the flowers, giving them a shade yellowish. When properly cured, it has a strong odor that mixes the sweet honey with the citrus of the orange and a spicy aroma that comes from the Afghan mother AK-47.

When smoked, this strain burns with a smoke that many describe as harsh and induces a cough. Its flavor is slightly fruity and spicy on the exhale and can remain for a while. On the breeze, we can describe an intense brain stimulation, with fast thought waves and free association, a good strain for creative brainstorming or to work with problem solving. It may be a stimulating chair at first, but over time the feeling of physical relaxation increases.

Serious Seeds Genetics

Originally created by the Dutch Serious Seeds in 1994, by crossing Northern Lights with Skunk # 1. Later, in the early 2000s, they crossed a hybrid of Skunk # 1 and Northern Lights with a hybrid of Northern Lights and AK-47 to produce what exists today.

Simon, the breeder, said he added AK-47 to the equation to update the strain’s genetics and give it a “high complex full spectrum without losing good yield and flavor”.

Tips for Cultivating Chronic

A cultivation tip for those who are going to plant the Chronic is to take extra care during the drying and curing process, as its delicate aroma can easily be lost.  Currently, several producers have made Chronic seeds available for sale online, including their breeding bank. It can be grown indoor or outdoor, although outdoor cultivation requires a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 22 ºC to 26 ºC.

Because it has a favorable flower-to-leaf ratio, Chronic does not require “cover” or regular pruning to maximize production. This strain blooms in 9 to 10 weeks, when grown indoors. Double the precautions with odor, as the bug exhales a strong smell that is difficult to disguise.

High CBD makes Chronic medicinal

With   THC  tested between 10% and 20%, Chronic also has CBD with levels ranging from 1% to 13%, which makes it very balanced. Due to its considerable CBD content, it is recommended for patients using medical cannabis, both to help in cases of insomnia and to cause hunger in those who have lost their appetite for diseases or for severe treatments such as chemotherapy. It can also help to maintain concentration in cases of attention deficit disorders.

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